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Painting "Still Waiting"

Follow along in this unique oil painting demonstration!  In Part 1, you’ll watch “Still Waiting” begin to come to life through a fully narrated timelapsed video.  In Part 2, you’ll enjoy an educational recorded live demo, where Nicole talks in depth about her painting process and answers participant questions.  Wrap up the painting in Part 3 with another narrated timelapse video.  Previews and more information available below.
Both Part 1 and Part 3 include a real-time painting progress video, for those who want to watch the painting unfold at a natural pace, and a 6-minute much faster timelapse for those in a hurry. 

Lesson Overviews

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Part 1: First Pass

Welcome to “Still Waiting”!  In Part 1, you’ll see the painting begin to take shape through a narrated 14 minute timelapse video.  Learn to choose a good photo reference, keep the energy of the first pass in an alla prima approach, trust your colour mixing, and more.


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Learn about colour mixing, “stacking” the paint, brushwork, underpainting, and more in this thorough painting demonstration.  Recorded live in February 2022 and hosted by Opus Art Supplies, Nicole talks about painting skin tones and answers participant questions in this engaging session.

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In Part 3, you’ll see the painting get finished through another narrated 14 minute timelapse video.  Learn about controlling focus and depth through edges, and using oil paint in a painterly style while balancing texture and detail.



What you'll learn

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