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Paint as Flesh: Secrets to Painting the Illusion of Skin

Have you ever struggled to mix and paint believable skin tones with oil paint?

Like much of painting, there is no magic bullet for painting skin – which is what makes it fun! Multiple techniques and considerations work in tandem to create the illusion of fleshy, realistic skin.

In this 7-part intensive course, learn the essential techniques and secrets to create beautiful figurative paintings. This course focuses on using photo references. Topics range from colour theory, brushwork, colour temperature relationships, and more – all of which will make your figurative paintings more believable and satisfying.

Perfect for intermediate painters, adventurous beginners, or anyone who wants to bring more life into their figurative paintings.

Lesson Overviews

Lesson 1: Skin is a Mosaic

To paint the illusion of skin, first we have to see the full range of colours accurately.  This lesson guides you through a variety of figurative paintings to better observe colour.

Having a great reference makes painting a lot easier.  What makes a great photo reference?  What do you do if you don’t have a great reference?  Learn more in this lesson.

Learn how to mix exactly the colour you want.  Colour theory, colour temperature relationships, and pro tips all form part of this lesson.  Plus a bonus step-by-step guide to mixing colour!

With the reference chosen and your colours mixed, the next step is to apply paint to canvas.  Using effective, expressive brushwork is a huge part of painting, and you’ll see why.

Lesson 5: Colour Temperature and Value Hierarchy

The single most helpful technique I have ever found when painting skin.  Truly valuable for painting all forms but especially effective for skin.  Learn how value, colour temperature, and chroma are all interrelated, for shimmering colour in your paintings.

Take a deep dive into colour temperature relationships.  Learn how to understand them in order to create colour harmony in your paintings.  If you’ve ever felt confused by colour temperature, this lesson is for you.

Don’t let your painting fall flat!  Learn three helpful pro tips for creating a sense of form in your figurative paintings.  Well-mixed colours are great but they need to work in tandem with deliberate brushwork in order to create beautiful flesh and skin.

What you'll learn

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