mixing oil paint and colour
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Painting "Nova" - Study

Before starting a large painting, Nicole typically paints a smaller study.  Watch the process of using the pre-mixed paint in a colour study in this lesson.

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What is a painting study?

A painting study is generally  a sketch or a drawing that’s done in preparation for finishing the final piece. In this painting study course, Nicole will test pre-mixed colours to simplify a smaller version of her painting, “Nova”.

Why use a paint colour study?

Using a paint colour study allows you to fully see how your pre-mixed colours will act upon the canvas, mix together, and allows you the opportunity to re-mix or adjust paint colours accordingly if needed.

What is the importance of colour theory?

Colour theory in art and in oil painting allows your work to tell a story. Colours invoke a certain feeling for the viewer, and by strategically using colour, you can invoke those feelings through the art that you create.

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