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Section 1: Legs and Hand

Painting "Nova" - Second Pass

In these 4 instructional painting videos, Nicole starts and completes the second pass for painting “Nova”, finishing the painting. Each video is between 28-53 minutes long, with the first 15-25 minutes narrated, and the rest timelapsed. Some narration is repeated in each video, and some is specific to each unique area.

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Section 2: Torso

painting nova online oil painting
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Section 3: Arms, Hand, and Partial Torso

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Section 4: Portrait and Finishing Touches

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What does the second pass of the painting entail, and how does it differ from the first pass?

The second pass’s role in your painting is first to correct any mistakes from the first pass, and then to build and refine detail/subtlety/texture.  Assess what is working, and what isn’t.  It’s ok to paint a second pass only in the areas that need it. 

Do you let oil paints dry between the layers?

It is helpful to let our layers of oil paint dry to the touch between painting sessions.  This makes the painting process easier, and provides more stability for the paint.

How many layers should I add to my oil painting?

There’s no set amount of layers your oil painting ‘should’ have, though one thing to take into consideration is the time your painting will need to dry out between layers.

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