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Section 1: Legs and Background

Painting "Nova" - First Pass

In these 5 instructional painting videos, Nicole starts and completes the first pass.  Each video is between 32-45 minutes, with the first 15-25 minutes narrated and the rest timelapsed.  Some narration is repeated in each video, and some is specific to each unique area.

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Section 2: Torso

how to paint with oil paint
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Section 3: Hands

online oil painting class first pass
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Section 4: Arms

painting portrait lessons
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Section 5: Portrait

In these videos:

Course Details

What is the first pass in a painting?

The first pass is the first layer of paint that is not the imprimatura/underpainting. In some cases, it might also be the last pass. I typically do two passes or so on my paintings. There is no real limit to how many passes a painting can have, as long as one follows the fat over lean rule, and keeps the quantity of paint reasonable.

Why is it important to add layers in oil painting?

When you add multiple layers to an oil painting it helps to create more of a sense of depth and a realistic painting that pops off of the canvas. Multiple layers of a painting are not necessary, but in this instructional video series I chose to do multiple layers.

How many layers should I add to my oil painting?

There’s no set amount of layers your oil painting ‘should’ have, though one thing to take into consideration is the time your painting will need to dry out between layers.

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