“I am so captivated with every brush stroke! It is a very immersive experience. Loving every second.”  – Irene

Oil Painting for Absolute Beginners

Are you brand new to oil painting?  Do you want to learn how to paint but don’t know where to start?  This course is for you!
Oil painting can seem complicated and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.  In this course, you will learn about oil paint materials, how to handle paint and work with it rather than try to control it, the steps in creating an oil painting, and more.  In order to simplify the learning experience, you will work in monochrome (brown and white paint).
No painting experience is necessary; drawing and shading experience recommended. If you are new to drawing and shading, you may want to work through A Practical Approach to Drawing and Charcoal Shading: Understanding Values and Form first.

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Lesson Previews

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Introduction (free)

Welcome to the oil painting for beginners course!  Here is an overview of what to expect.

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Learn about the materials needed for the course, and tips on using them effectively.

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A brief overview of how to create a drawing in preparation for oil painting.

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Put brush to canvas!  Get a feel for how to mix and apply paint.  Learn when and how to use mineral spirits and linseed oil.

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Lesson 4: Creating a Still Life Reference

Learn about how to create a still life reference at home.  Access photos of still lifes of varying complexity, if preferred.

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It’s time to begin the painting!  Follow along with Nicole’s narrated demonstration of creating an underpainting.  Learn how to safely and thoroughly tidy up and wash your brushes when you’re done painting.


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Watch, brushstroke by brushstroke, how the first layer of paint is applied.  This video is in real time (not sped up) and narrated throughout.  Learn about first pass priorities, how much detail to include, and more.

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Finish the painting in the second pass.  Correct, refine, and develop your painting to the level of finish you prefer.  Learn how to merge first and second pass layers.

What you'll learn

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