“I have just completed the charcoal shading course for the first time. The lessons and exercises are clear, concise and practical. I am now more confident using charcoal and have a solid foundation to build on. The course is well designed. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it! Thank you Nicole for everything you have taught me.”  – Jenny

Drawing doesn’t need to be complicated!  Learn how to create an accurate, realistic drawing stress-free.   Classical realism atelier techniques get a modern, practical twist.  These drawing and shading courses are intended to give you the skills needed to draw from observation, for fun, and to prepare for a painting. 

Learn to create realistic, accurate drawings and add shading to create depth in these self-guided courses.

What Skills Will I Learn For Improving Drawings?

In these courses Nicole will dive into the fundamentals of art and drawing, starting from the beginning. In these online drawing classes you will learn how to begin your drawing from a rough sketch starting with basic shapes. We will work into drawing lines, focusing on negative space in drawings, and learning advanced drawing techniques. Each of the online art lessons are narrated with a list of materials provided. 

Learn techniques to improve your drawings with Nicole’s online courses.

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