New videos: Oil Painting for Absolute Beginners and more

New videos: Oil Painting for Absolute Beginners and more

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Lots of new content now available! 

Join the next live painting session: January 25 2022.  November’s painting session was a lot of fun!  You asked great questions while I painted a portrait of Oscar the dog.  View November’s recorded session plus a follow up video here, to learn how to paint a dog portrait in oil paint.

Oil Painting for Absolute Beginners: a new 7-part course

Are you brand new to oil painting?  Do you want to learn how to paint but don’t know where to begin?  This course is for you!

Learn about oil paint materials and how to handle paint through this guided 7-part course.  You will start and complete a monochrome painting using a still life reference through a narrated step-by-step approach.  Intended for beginners with no painting experience, this is also a great review of painting foundations for more experienced artists.

How to Clean Oil Paint Brushes: A new free Studio Skills video!