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Are you ready to learn the skills that will set your artwork free?

Take a deep dive into classical drawing and oil painting techniques that make a real impact on your artwork.

If you’ve ever struggled to draw what you see, to paint with both creativity and refinement, or to have a structured approach to your art, these courses are for you.  Learn real drawing and painting skills through comprehensive, self-guided video courses.

It’s classical realism with modern, practical spin.  Traditional drawing, shading, and oil painting techniques give you the freedom to create the work of your dreams.  Structure and technical skills open up the doors to creativity by providing you with a foundation from which to grow.

online art atelier

Self guided online art courses cover pencil drawing, charcoal shading, oil painting, plus a variety of practical studio skills such as how to prime canvas, clean your brushes, varnish a painting, sharpen a pencil, and more.


Nicole Sleeth has taught drawing and oil painting in her atelier classes for over 10 years. With a relaxed, practical approach, she has helped beginners and advanced students alike improve their drawing skills, add shading, and learn to paint. Access this instruction through her online art courses, and learn at your home!

An atelier is an art studio that focuses on teaching representational (realism) drawing and painting, starting from the ground up. Students begin by learning foundational skills and progressing gradually to more advanced techniques. This is a thorough, classical approach that prioritizes building strong skills in drawing accuracy, light and shadow, and oil painting.

To learn more about Nicole, the online classes, and her paintings, visit the About page.

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